How Did Tituba Salem Witch Trial

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In the 1600's an event in American history called the Salem Witch Trials occurred. The Salem Witch Trials are now viewed as a dark period during our history. Many innocent people were accused of doing the Devil’s work through witchcraft. Salem was populated with lots of people who followed the Puritan religion. The Puritan religion had strong Christian beliefs and they took anything having to do with the Devil very seriously. The court system during this time was full of confusion and paranoia. These cases influenced the improvement of the justice system, since a lot was learned from what happened over the course of the trials. Between 1692 and 1693, the events took place in the town of Salem and nearby towns in Massachusetts. The whole …show more content…

She was an enslaved Native American woman. When she confessed, she also made claims that two other women, Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne, participated in said witchcraft. Although there were many other contributing factors, Tituba’s confession is the main reason why the Salem Witch Trials happened. The Massachusetts Bay colonists had accused and convicted people of witchcraft before, starting with Margaret Jones in 1648, but nobody in the colony had ever confessed to being a witch before or ominously stated that there were other witches out there. Tituba’s simple confession reinforced all of the colonist’s underlying fears. “Titiba an Indian Woman acknowledging the matter of fact. and Sarah Osburne and Sarah Good denying the same before us: but there appeareing.” They were originally arrested for afflicting their witchcraft on Reverend Parris’, the town’s Reverend, daughter Elizabeth and niece Abigail Williams. The two girls were acting out and throwing “fits” and people believed it was because of the supernatural. Titiba, Sarah Osburne, and Sarah Good we’re blamed, arrested and put on trial. People actually believed the accusations of young girls and it was taken too far since no one had concrete proof at the time. It was easy to blame these three because they were considered outsiders. During their trial their accusers appeared in the courtroom in a grand display of spasms, contortions, screaming and

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