How Did Tituba Salem Witch Trial

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that mentioned her after this point in time. the Reverend Paris said he would pay the fee to get Tituba out of prison. Colony rules stated that even when someone is found innocent, you still must pay for the resources used while you were in jail. The expenses included an imprisonment fee and the cost to feed them as well. They could not be released unless these fees were paid for.
Samuel Paris was from Danvers, Massachusetts owned the slave Tituba Indian. Researchers are unsure of where Tituba came from, but they suggest her origins are South American native. Researches think she sailed from Barbados to the United States. Tituba was the first person to be accused of witch craft in 1692 during the Salem witch trials. Not much is known about …show more content…

Inhumane actions are cruel and unnecessary. During the period of the Salem Witch Trials, the accusations had no physical proof other than the words of young girls such as Betty Paris and Abigail Williams. Rumors spread around the village that the accusations made by the girls were starting to become false considering they were accusing outstanding members of the community and Puritan Church. Rumors were also going around the village whenever the girls accused a women named Elizabeth Procter. Elizabeth Procter was married to John Procter who supposedly had an affair with Abigail Williams. John Procter went to break things off with Abigail Williams because his wife found out about the affair and she accused Elizabeth of witchcraft hoping that Elizabeth would no longer stand in the way of their “love”. The only problem that interfered with her plan was that John didn’t feel that strongly for Abigail. He cared more deeply for his wife. Whenever John went to testify against Abigail, she accused him as well. Elizabeth Procter and John Procter were hung. On August 5, 1692, they were tried, convicted, and sentenced for the crime of witchcraft. Fourteen days later they were hung by the neck on Gallows

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