Examples Of Scapegoats In The Crucible

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Victims of Scapegoating in Salem Usually, scapegoats are made of those who are the least protected or privileged. Scapegoats are the people that different in some way or misunderstood or misjudged. Therefore, poor and mentally unstable individuals as well as representatives of racial minorities are often became scapegoats in narrow-minded and superstitious societies. In Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible”, Aframerican servant Tituba and homeless, half-witted Sarah Good are used as scapegoats and are blamed in all misfortunes of the village, just because they are representatives of unprivileged stratum of society. In “The Crucible”, people of the small Puritan New England village Salem need someone to blame for the illness that fell on the town. Inasmuch as the symptoms of the terrifying disease are hallucinations and seizures …show more content…

Hence, they declare a witch hunt that only fuels the atmosphere of hysteria, in which prejudices and deep-seated grudges are running the show. Soon enough, alleged witches are found, convicted and hanged . Misfortunes of Tituba, a black slave of the Reverend Parris, began from seemingly harmless dances in the forest with the group of girls, which the local minister, Reverend Parris accidentally has spotted. Further, she is used by Abigail, who needs a scapegoat in order to look innocent and significant in eyes of the Reverend Parris and people of Salem. For this reason, Abigail tricked Tituba into performing the voodoo ceremony. Tituba was a perfect

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