How Did William Bradford Influence Today

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William Bradford was the governor of Plymouth do 30 or more years. Bradford started out as nothing but became something because of the decisions that were made during certain times. Bradford decided to leave England, then arrived in Plymouth and made decisions there that affected Bradford himself and the people living there. William Bradford became what he is today because of the judgement that was made for certain affairs that happened. William Bradford lived for 67 years from March 01, 1590 to May 09, 1657. Bradford was born in Austerfield, Yorkshire England to a wealthy father named William Bradford and mother named Alice. William Bradford was the third child and only son, so then, when William’s father died in 1591 William inherited …show more content…

As the Pilgrims arrived in land that was not owned the Pilgrims drafted the Mayflower Compact which was signed in November 1620. The first governor of Plymouth was John Carver, Carver died in April of 1621 and Bradford was chosen. Since the years of 1621 and 1656 Bradford was re-elected for governor 30 times. “During this period, Bradford repeatedly tried to quit the governorship, but he was such an effective and beloved leader that colonists always wanted him to remain in office”(Saari and Carnagie 16). The Pilgrims loved how Bradford led them and did not want Bradford to be taken out of office. Showing how Bradford always tried to do what was best in the situation. The first winter in Plymouth was harsh. Many of the Pilgrims starved and died of sickness and Bradford did not know what to do. “So as there died some times 2 or 3 a day, in the foresaid time; that of 100 and odd persons, scarce 50 remained” (William Bradford). After the winter of people dying Bradford tried harder to make sure nothing happened to the Pilgrims with the help of the Native …show more content…

The first book was Of Plymouth Plantation, this book was written in 1630. This book tells of the promise of the New World that the Pilgrims were going to arrive to. Bradford also describes the dangers there. In the beginning Bradford describes the Native Americans in a harsh way, “he referred to the Indians in degrading terms, describing them as savage, brutish, wild beasts and cannibals” (DISCovering Biography). Bradford did not know what life was going to be like in the New World, so wrote assumptions about what was first seen. Later on Bradford did not write so harshly about the Native Americans. Instead Bradford wrote how the dangers can come from white men

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