Compare And Contrast Jamestown And Plymouth

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Jamestown and Plymouth were the first English colonies in America. Both settlements faced harsh conditions which included weather, starvation and disease. In addition, both colonies struggled in creating a stable society, economy and government. The location of these two colonies was also a determining factor in their survival. Both colonists settled in modern day America for different reasons but were driven by the same ambitions for a new life that would determine how long the colony would last. Their relationships with the Native Americans also had a key role in the survival of the colonies as well as how they familiarized themselves with new conditions. Ultimately, Plymouth created a larger impact on modern US history, and due to their relations with Native Americans, they created a lasting survival and economy. Jamestown, being the first successful colony, faced problems that decimated most of its settlers. The …show more content…

At some point, both settlements were involved with trading with Native Americans. An area where Plymouth were more successful was how they prevented casualties by befriending Native Americans. Although Jamestown and Plymouth were plagued by hunger, disease and environmental hazards Plymouth was triumphant because they overcame their setbacks. This proved that the English and Native Americans could live together in harmony. Although Jamestown had better success in creating a thriving economy, it 's ceased to exist in the 1700s because people had lost interest in it. In addition, Thanksgiving which originated in Plymouth, is still celebrated today. In addition, Plymouth still exists both in America and in England. Which brings me to my final point, although both colonies did not have a major impact on modern history, Plymouth was the most successful in leaving a mark. All that is left of Jamestown are ruins, while Plymouth 's legacy impacted all American

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