How Did William Golding Impact Lord Of The Flies

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Golding & The Things That Impacted His Life Lord of the flies was influenced by Golding's life and what he went through. Golding went through lots of things in his lifetime which ultimately led to him writing books. William Golding was born on September 19, 1911. Golding began writing at the age of 12 he attempted to write a book but was unsuccessful. Golding use to be a bully “i enjoyed hurting people”(Golding bio pg1). As crazy as it sounds he lived through the first world war and fought in the second world war. Golding living through the first and fighting in the second world wars had a large impact on Lord Of The Flies because as a young man Golding was in the military he had to grow up and become a very mature adult, As the boys in the book were very mature and it didn't really take anytime to become “men”. The book's setting is placed in the middle of a world war there are always references to the army from the book. "My father's in the navy. (Golding pg18) Golding was apart of the navy branch in the military, ultimately the two wars made Golding stronger, that's what being on the island for the group of boys does …show more content…

Lord of The Flies big main characters, Jack , Ralph, and Piggy represent these three personalities of Golding,. Being bullied in his early life represents piggy, piggy is always being picked on but the other group of kids don't understand pigs actually smart and knows a thing or two no one ever listens to him though. Being the bully represents Jack, Jack bullies everyone he says whatever he wants he doesn't care who you are how old you are he does what he wants and you can't tell him otherwise. Join the army and becoming a leader is represented by Ralph, Ralph always wants to be leader he's smart stays somewhat civilized during the whole book and just in general wants to make everyone

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