Roger Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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In the midst of the 1950 's, the Cold War begins. While in that period, William Golding creates Lord of the Flies published in 1954. This is a novel about young school boys crash landing on an island. The boys on the island let the fear of something inside of them be in control. In the story, there are lots of events that take place and characters that take part. Golding uses one character named Roger to show that there are those who resort to violence and savagery when laws against violence are not in place. In Lord of the Flies, William Golding is able to portray Roger as a dangerous character early on in the book. When Roger and Maurice disturb the littluns, the reader can sense Roger 's violent mentality. Consider the …show more content…

When Roger is relentlessly described by the twins, William Golding is able to make the reader picture what other characters think of him. As Roger devises a plan to get rid of Ralph, he finally realizes that there is no one to stop him. The author presents: The chief and Roger--They hate you, Ralph. They 're going to do you, They’re going to hunt you down tomorrow." After a moment 's silence, Sam spoke in a strangled voice. "You don 't know Roger. He’s a terror." Ralph says, "But what are you going to do when you catch me?" From the top of the towering rock came the incomprehensible reply. "Roger sharpened a stick at both ends." (188,189,190). This scene uncovers the order and humane manner that Roger has left behind. Consequently, it makes Roger 's character wild and fierce because he physically wants to hunt someone down. With a stick that has two sharpened ends. In other words, it means that one pointy end won’t be able to kill Ralph. The weapon he is using symbolizes that he will do anything to eradicate the authoritative figure. With no rules contrary to bestiality that Roger is expected to follow, he believes he can do

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