How Do Golf Courses Affect Our Eco System

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AIDAN BEUKES BIO ORTP HOW DO GOLF COURSES EFFECT OUR ECO SYSTEM? COVER PAGE PAGE 1 TABLE OF CONTENT PAGE 2 INTRODUCTION PAGE 3 LITERATURE REVIEW PAGE 4-5 METHODOLOGY PAGE 5-6 PROCESS OF FINDINGS PAGE 6-10 INTRODUCTION. How do golf courses effect our eco systems in a negative and positive way? Golf courses destroy some of our eco systems but also create stable eco systems. They effect the animals, plants and even some natural resources. Modern day golf courses try to limit the deforestation and animal conservation and also try to recycle the natural resources, but they still have a big impact on the eco systems ranging from birds and squirrels to the trees and grass. There are a variety of different t animals that use the forests and land that has now been destroyed as a home. When humans come and destroy these areas, the animals either have to move or…show more content…
The websites are very well known websites which are frequently visited by others. A few of the articles where not valid at all for they were last updated more than 10 years ago. Many new discoveries and new technology has come out. Environments also would have changed in these periods of time. Many of the articles reliable for it gave very interesting swell as evidence to their statements. Between all the articles all the bases where touched on and emphasised on the positives and negatives of a golf
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