How Does Belly Develop A Dynamic Character

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Lessons are learned while making mistakes and expanding into a stronger version of oneself. In the novel, “The Summer I Turned Pretty”, by Jenny Han, the reoccurring plot and dynamic characterization revealed the main character’s true emotions for Conrad, demonstrating how maturity is formed through experience and growth that changes and develops a character. Throughout the novel, the author proves her maturity through these literary devices.
Belly’s development in her maturity was illustrated through her dynamic characterization. She had feelings for Conrad for as long as she could remember. He was perfect in her eyes. After seeing and experiencing how he treated her and how he truly made her feel, she realized her worth. The way that Conrad had been speaking to her and how he was neglecting her made her feel beneath him which wasn’t the case. In their argument, Conrad …show more content…

Belly had always had an attachment to Conrad. She chose her actions based on what his opinion of them would be. She wasn’t allowing herself to form her own beliefs and values. Towards the end of the novel, Belly finally formed her opinion on Conrad and how he ultimately made her feel. She explains, “I had done it, I had finally let him go. It felt like freedom, but freedom bought at some bloody, terrible price,” (Han 256). When she made this decision, she made it for herself. She had put herself first. When looking back to the beginning of the novel, Belly was head over heels for Conrad. Comparing her mindset and priorities to now demonstrates how she developed into a better person. Her maturity grew because of her experiences and the decisions she had to make. If she had the opportunity to even be around Conrad at the beginning of the novel, she would’ve taken it. Belly encountered, firsthand, who Conrad truly was, and it wasn’t the guy Belly had always dreamed of him to

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