How Does Brooks Present Racism In The Harlem Hellfighters

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After reading the book The Harlem Hellfighters it is known that there are an abounding number of statements and comments that were made were very racist and just outright wrong. This book that was written by Max Brooks shows how unfairly treated The Harlem Hellfighters were, along with other black men in society. The black men that fought in World War 1 showed that they could do their jobs in the military not only just complete them, but complete them well and intermittently exceeding what they had to do. No matter what they did they got shot down and got treated less than the white men. The white men got more training time, better planes, and even worthier weapons. The black men did the same job just as hardy, but yet they were put in more danger than the white men. There were many racist comments thrown at the Harlem Hellfighters before, after, and during their fighting. One example of these statements are “the Negro brain just wasn’t “evolved” enough to handle the challenges of combat leadership…” The Harlem Hellfighters really earned their spot in this war. Even though they were getting beaten up every day they continued to try their hardest at every obstacle, they didn’t let the white mens’ comments decrease the amount of work that they did. At times some of the black men felt so discontented with the comments that they went after the white …show more content…

Going into training for World War 1 The Harlem Hellfighters had to leave a week earlier than the white men. None of them had a clue why. They honestly didn’t get any real training because the white men were using all of the real weapons. Which all of these weapons were donated, so the government didn’t have to pay for them. The Harlem Hellfighters had to impersonate their broomsticks as weapons/firearms. They went into the war pretty much clueless of how to use a real

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