How Does Dickens Use Motifs In A Tale Of Two Cities

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In the novel A Tale of Two Cities, the author Charles Dickens uses the literary devices of symbolism and motifs to assist the reader by developing the various themes that are prevalent in the novel. Dickens clearly uses the symbols and motifs in A Tale of Two Cities to develop the themes by emphasizing them throughout the novel and by connecting them to the events that occur, as seen in using the motif of resurrection. Dickens uses a plethora of characters such as Doctor Manette, Charles Darnay, and Sydney Carton to embody the motif of resurrection by connecting to the themes in the novel, specifically how turmoil can allow people to be reincarnated as a new person. I would consider our presentation to be decent because we had many flaws and organizational issues. I believe the lesson was able to help our classmates understand the symbols and motifs in A Tale of Two Cities and how they helped them better understand the book. Even though we were able to have a discussion with the class by splitting the class up into smaller groups, we weren’t able to fully discuss about how each of the symbols and motifs connected with the themes in the novel. The discussion consisted mainly of the small groups …show more content…

There were many good points made during the discussion and I felt that it furthered our knowledge about this topic. The class was not always engaged throughout the entire presentation which made our presentation less receptive. I think that we should have organized the presentation is a more cohesive and logical manner. We should have first put the themes first and then list the various symbols and motifs for the class to discuss. I believe that we earned a B- or B because we made several mistakes throughout the presentations and we weren’t able to resolve some of the questions we

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