History Of The Hunks

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Hunks: The Show Whenever certain months roll around, they’re automatically synonymous with sports. For instance, when fall comes, you know that your boyfriend or husband will be glued to the TV screen, watching football all day, and there’s nothing you can do. Here at Lady Luck Casino Marquette, we don’t think the fellas should have all the fun. While your honey is doing his thing, you ladies should have some fun of your own. This is why we’re bringing Hunks: The Show to Lady Luck Casino Marquette. Ladies grab a glass of water because this show is going to be hot! About the Hunks This star studded all male revue has been titillating diverse female audiences for years. They’ve toured all over the world performing various musical and performance numbers to enthusiastic sold out crowds, and they just keep getting better! No venue is too big or too small. They’ve performed in nightclubs, casinos and private events. You’ve even seen their gorgeous faces in the media. The Hunks have been seen on many reality TV shows, VH1, and Dancing With The Stars. When they’re not touring globally, they can also be seen modeling in various campaigns for Calvin Klein and Abercrombie & Fitch. …show more content…

All shows are professional, respectful and tastefully done. You can expect nonstop 90 to 120 minutes of high voltage action. They’ll be choreographed production numbers, comedy, acrobatics, vocal performances, extravagant costume changes, the works! It’s a one of a kind show that you and your girlfriends will be talking about for a long time. Our

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