Language In Willy Loman's Death Of A Salesman

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“Biff, after he has discovered his identity, is able to speak forcibly and in simple language which round like everyday speech, though it is of course, full of the devices of rhetoric. It is interesting moving speech, his emotion is dumb, and so is Willy’s response. “Happy and Howard need only a superficial language because they are using speech as a sort of provocative shell. Charley also is keeping emotion at arm’s length, but he expresses himself with a crisp, wise-cracking force. ‘Can’t we do something about the walls?’ he asks. ‘You sneeze in here and in my house has blow off!’ He is given some lines of craggy wisdom, such as ‘The jails are full off territory’ and ‘No man only needs a salary’.
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Hap, Loman is “gonna beat this racket” and come out “number one man” in order to prove that his father “did not vain” Willy excels in his command of tasteless cant popular in the 1930’s. “Well, bottoms up! And keep your pores open!” Willy says, saluting her girl-friend. His sorrowful laments are stock phrases “where are you guys, where are you?” he shouts to his sons; “the woods are burning!” when he gropes for metaphoric expression, he uses stale expressions: “because you got a greatness in you, Biff, remember that….Like young God. Hercules-something like that. And the sun, the sun all around him.” All the Loman try to be eloquent by leaving their lower middle class Broklyn dialect with high class diction; they find words like ‘vengeful’, ‘solidified’, ‘reconstruct’ and ‘prohibit’ (Willy)., ‘feasible’ and ‘characteristic’ (Happy)., ‘remiss’ and ‘abrupt’ (Biff) ‘crestfallen’ and ‘conquer’ (Linda). In content, unhappily for the speaker, search terms after sound incongruous and somewhat vulgar judged by these mannerisms which Miller undoubtedly heard in his own social milieu, Willy Loman can be seen simply as a mediocrity native to American society. But Miller’s objective, as in All My Sons, goes beyond linguistic …show more content…

His language is free from superficialities verbosity.Miller does not prefer elevated language of tragedies; his is a different kind of tragedy. Yet Willy has a taste for colourful imagery. Each character is made to use a language according to his status and role and

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