How Does Elizabeth Proctor Hurt Women In The Crucible

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Even when we get hurt by the people we truly love, we can’t let go of them. We keep loving them because we know one day the pain will subside and we can move forward with life. Once we move past it and realise the truth behind the feelings, we decide we could do anything for them, even lie. Elizabeth Proctor in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible women who was hurt by the man she loved do to one fatal mistake he made with Abigail Williams. Elizabeth fought through the thoughts for their love when it was hard to forget and all the trials going on around them. When Elizabeth was first introduced into the play, there was a certain type of tension in the air between her and her husband, John Proctor. He had come in for a long day of working on the farms when they got to talking about the court trials for witches and Elizabeth had wanted John to confess to the court about his sin of adultery with Abigail. John does not want to confess though …show more content…

She talks to him and tells him of things that have been happening. The, out of nowhere, she says to him, “John, it come to naught that I should forgive you, if you’ll not forgive yourself” (Miller 1227). She is saying I shouldn’t forgive you if you cannot forgive yourself. She continues on though saying, “I have sins of my own count” (Miller 1227). She forgave him and she was telling him he should forgive himself before he comes to his death. By the end, she found the love they once had in herself and forgave him and wanted him to save himself. Being hurt by people is something no one enjoys, but it’s how you move past it and who you become that counts. Elizabeth always knew John loved her, she was just hurt and trapped in the thought of what had happened. She realised in the three months though that John was in prison and she was pregnant that she has sinned too and should forgive

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