Compare And Contrast Abigail Williams And Elizabeth Proctor

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Can you really imagine life without different personalities and opinions? It would just be the same old boring routine every day. On the other hand, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller has many different characters that really are overwhelming due to all of the unexpected events that occur. This drama really grabs your attention, every sentence that you read makes you want to keep on reading due to the commotion in the dialogue. For instance, I really enjoy the characters because each one of them actually reminds me of people that I know in person and how they act. In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, the characters of Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams can be compared and contrasted through their personalities, motivations, and relationship. In view of, Abigail Williams personality, she is intimidating because she threatened the girls by saying she was going to make their lives miserable if they said another word about what they had done. Moreover, …show more content…

She is a forgiving human being and really understanding. By all means, she said these words to her recently committed adultery husband “I do not judge you. The magistrate sits in your heart that judges you. I never thought you but good man, John...”(pg.194). In my opinion, I really think that it takes a lot of courage and comprehension to actually consider forgiving someone when they broke their trust with you. I actually would not be an easily forgiven person, it takes me time to actually get over things that disappoint me. To see how Elizabeth is really making an effort to save their marriage tells how good of a person she is. With this in mind, she lied for her husband in court, “My husband-- is a goodly man, sir.”(pg.223). Not wanting to speak about her husband cheating on her was a big decision because she did not want his name to be

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