How Does Fear Affect Society

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Fear can be an idea that people believe that doesn't affect others. Fear-Mongering is the tool that people are still afraid that anything can happen. It's important that people know what's going on and why they are fearful. There are things that the society is still holding on because of some of the events that has happen.

When 9/11 happen a lot of people were worried as I did an interview on my teacher and I can see that it does still affects us now in the future. When I was interviewing my teacher he said his mom didn't let him go to school , he lived in Fresno and the attack was in New York. This is important because even though it can be anywhere around the world it can still affect families. Therefore Fear can be harsh because if …show more content…

It could be a hurtful at times because of the little things we do that makes other hate and have hate on others. This brings us when the attack happen in Orlando. In the article it said “ the Orlando tragedy wasn’t just a straightforward terrorist attack. It was also a hate crime, since it was directed at one community”(By MICHAEL TOMASKY) .This quote explains that even though people don't get along because on other are different doesn't mean we got to attack. Now in this society someone people can be afraid and have fear to be different because anything can happen to them.

In this world people are going to have their own opinions and disagree that not many people are fearful. One may argue that fear is okay because nothing will happen to others and they would be safe because they don't have nothing on people ;however, now in this society people do have fear and are afraid in many things but they don't let it get to them. Even though people don't think the aren't afraid or don't have fear in anything they should be worried about others.

Fear Mongol is a pain that people feel and don't know how to stop it because of the things that happened all around the world. That can be attacks and hate.
Is this the society you want to live in? Help others that do have

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