How Does Fortunato Characterize Montresor's Death

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The World Health Organization informs readers the horrific fact of one murder happening each minute. Which in turn calculates to be 1,440 murders each day. Surprisingly, on Earth, only one species has the rational capacities to pull this task off. Without a doubt humankind stands out by a landslide. For the same matter, humans also tend to inspect the tiniest judgments and hold grudges until satisfaction happens at a certain degree. An exceptional portrayal of the riveting human attitude would be to “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allen Poe. Montresor chooses murder to control a grudge. Poe depicts Montresor as a maniacal character by indirect characterization.
Poe depicts Montresor as a maniacal character because of his brutal thought to kill Fortunato for an insult pertaining to himself. For instance, Montresor personally states his disgust for Fortunato: “But when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge” (Poe 1082). Montresor never clarifies Fortunato’s insult, but it is offensive enough for him to want his death. Additionally, Montresor carries arrogance and will not harm his dignity. In fact, he desires for Fortunato to suffer from all sincere regret. Furthermore, Montresor has to “punish, but punish with …show more content…

The clumsiness of Fortunato and the outline of the murder in the catacombs are effectively shown in order to lead to the impulsive shock that Poe eloquently provides at the dénoument. Montresor is increasingly maniacal with each rigorous facet and perpetual action he takes to make sure his dear enemy pays. Although, his thoughts may represent how many people think, they also convey the state of action people are willing to take for animosity. In this story bitter murder solved a dilemma between two enemies but in reality cases may vary. The thought of a human can stun many to the point of

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