How Does Hip Hop Affect American Culture

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In the documentary about hip hop culture affecting all aspects of American culture the one scene that stood out to me the most was when the young white male was driving down the street in his truck-playing hip hop music. This scene stood out to me because it reminded me a lot about myself being an avid hip hop fan in America. It made me think about how much hip-hop really has affected my own life. I use this music to escape from reality and learn more about the life of the artist that I am listening to. I think that listening about how some of these artists came from nothing and now they are so successful is so interesting. I think that hip-hop has had a huge effect on pop culture today and it has become very hard for young people to stray away from it because it can be found everywhere in society. These artists are being looked at as icons now and that does not seem to be changing for a long time to come. The types of images that are accepted in hip-hop are the ones that make you look as tough as you possibly can be. If you display a soft side at all you are frowned upon by society so it is very important for these artists to keep their tough guy image on them at all …show more content…

All women should be treated how they treat themselves. What I mean by this is that if a woman does not treat herself with any self-respect than why should she receive it from anyone. This related back to the documentary in that women in these rap videos are being portray in a sexual matter that allows them to be disrespected by men. My stance on this is that if a woman wants to go on camera and throw her self at a man she is not respecting herself and therefore cannot demand respect form anyone else. If they are getting paid to allow these men to do what ever they want to them then why should they have respect for them. They are basically selling themselves as property so that how they are going to be treated in

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