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The cultural revolution lasted for 10 years from 1966-1976 the cultural revolution was a hard long time for the chinese youth and elderly. During the revolution there was a young girl named Ji-LI she was a 12 girl at the beginning at the end she is 14 Ji-Li is the main character of the story. Because of her bravery and affection she made it through the cultural revolution. But as her mind matured she realized the cultural revolution was not such a good idea. Ji-Li was very brave more than one account. One example of her bravery was when she tried to hide her stamp album from the red guards. Another example was when thin-face was searching for the letter and ji-li put in her cat’s litter box. Ji-Li is brave for this because she is trying to keep what is her’s or her family's and she is not afraid of anyone that shows bravery. Ji-Li is also very affectionate in many ways like she is loving and caring. One example of her being affectionate is when her mother started talking about where her siblings would live if anything happened to her or grandmother and she said that she will take care of them . A second example is when her grandmother got sick and she is now being kind of like a song po po because she has to cook and clean for her family. Ji-Li changed …show more content…

Now Ji-LI realizes that the supporters and the red guards and hurting people and embarrassing some people. What caused Ji-li to change is she started to understand what Mao-Zedong was doing and how it was affecting her life and her family’s life. But like it said earlier in the essay she got a lot smarter and her ability to understand helped her realize that the revolution was a bad idea and she rebelled from the revolution and when she rebelled she had issue with a lot of things like thin-face looking for the letter and the guards treated her awfully because her family had a troubled

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