Chinese Civil War Dbq

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China went through a devastating time period between the years 1911-1949. In 1911, the Communist Revolution had just begun, and then the Chinese along with the Americans support fought off Japan which continued into World War II. After Japan had begged for mercy, the civil war broke out in China. The civil war was one of the most violent catastrophes in Chinese history, lasting four brutal years from 1945-1949. The result of the civil war would impact the society of China forever. The main factors in China that caused the Civil war were taking place in 1900 when the Manchu dynasty was ruling. Peasants had a very harsh life which included working on land, paying all their taxes, struggling with unemployment, debt due to cheap Western technology, …show more content…

The revolution in 1911 known as the Double Tenth overthrew the Manchu dynasty, and the new Republic produced from that Revolution did not succeed in taking hold of China. China continued to be abused by foreign powers. These foreign powers forced China to agree upon unequal treaties and the reason they did was because they noticed the corruption, inflation, and financial chaos from high ranking powers. They lacked a strong central government. The Chinese Civil War was fought between two opposing forces – the communists and the nationalists – to see who would reassemble order and regain control over China. At first in August of 1945, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Nationalists made a treaty to have the dispute be peaceful, but in 1946, they were both fighting over China once again. The CCP had captured Beijing with the help of the leader Mao Zedong who declared the formation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Nationalist Jiang Jieshi was then obligated to migrate to Taiwan where he formed his alternative government the Republic of China (ROC). The CCP claimed to be the party of the workers and the peasants meaning they supported their rights and wanted more equality for them. The Nationalist party claimed nationalism, democracy, and people’s livelihood. The two parties opposing beliefs eventually led to a civil war between the two.
The first part of the Chinese Civil War

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