How Does Montag Change In Fahrenheit 451

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Changing for anyone is hard, but changing your mindset, and beliefs can be difficult. The book, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is set in the future where books are banned. Montag keeps wondering about what’s inside the books. This novel explores the theme change and transformation, which can be seen through thinking, questioning, and reading. Montag can first be seen changing when he reads a book without thinking. Much like in society today people tend to just make decisions and not think of the consequences. You can first see the change in Montag when he says,” I feel like I've been saving up a lot of things, and don’t know what. I might even start reading books.”(Bradburry62) This shows that Montag wasn’t thinking about what he was saying and let his emotions get the best of him. In …show more content…

Montag can also be seen changing when he starts spiraling after Clarisse asks him if he’s happy,” Then she seemed to remember something and came back to look at him with wonder and curiosity. Are you happy? She said… Of course I'm happy. What does she think? I’m not?”(Bradbury8) Montag started questioning himself after being asked if he was happy. He automatically answered with Of course, then started to question her instead of his answer, as if Clarisse was in the wrong as for asking him. A lot of kids could have related to Montag and parents to Clarisse during COVID. Kids were constantly asked how we were doing and if we were happy, and the only correct answer was to say I’m good or yep. No kid wanted to stress out their parents more about the situation. Montag can be seen transforming when he went from never reading to stealing books just so he could read,” An hour of TV class, an hour of basketball

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