How Does Montag Change In Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a novel about a dystopian society that believes that books are dangerous. Montag,the protagonist, is a fireman. In this society firemen are sent to start fires rather than put them out: to burn any books they discover to keep the people safe from the evil words they hold. In the novel the story begins in the fall with winter fast approaching. Montag is aware of this and senses his time running short. Montag is being hurried by the setting which alters Montag's decisions, and methods. The seasons lead to Montag’s unsound method.

Montag’s methods change as time passes. When the story begins it is fall: a season of decline, tiredness, but also harvest. He goes on a walk with his neighbor Clarisse, an individual in a collective society who is a …show more content…

the way others in his society talk. She thinks and seeks for the best answers to his questions instead of responding immediately without any thought. After his encounter with Clarisse he meets with her a few more times before finding out she was killed in a car crash, but with the few visits he had with her he began to ask why instead of how: he is beginning to think like an individual. His individualism begins to show, but because of his lack of an education he does not know how

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