How Does Reginald Rose Create Tension In 12 Angry Men

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Twelve Angry Men is a play written system by Reginald Rose in 1956 to project the bias and fragility of the justice system. Mainly, two of the characters represent the varied opinions and views citizens had in 1950’s America. Through the use of his varied, themes, settings and characters Rose is able to comment on the notion justice and thus, creates and maintains tension throughout the play Twelve Angry Men. Reginald Rose uses setting to create and maintain tension. Tension is seen in the quote, “A very hot summer afternoon.” (Rose p 5). This quote is one of the first lines in the play; it allows the reader to gain an initial idea of the atmosphere and tension the play sets. The heat is a metaphor for tension, and, as it is ‘A very hot afternoon’, the author indicates that the play is tense from the beginning. Furthermore, the heat could provoke the jurors to take hasty decisions perhaps portraying the fragility and bias the jury system may have. Through this, Rose is able to create tension. As the play continues, we begin to see more examples of the tension that is being maintained. As seen in the quote, “The room begins to darken perceptibly” (p 23). In this case, we can see Rose using setting and weather to indicate the tension and in the play. As the weather gets darker and duller, the play starts to intensify and shows how invested the jurors are in the case, showing the tension that Rose is maintaining his level of tension. This is because the darker weather can

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