How Does Social Media Have A Negative Effect On Body Image

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We live in an era where social media has been everywhere and it has impacted many people. Everyone is obsessed with their bodies and ‘fixing’ ourselves has become a daily activity. The perfect body type is having ; thin and long hair, curves, flawless skin, big waist with a flat stomach, thick eyebrows, nice slim nose, big lips and much more. The media influenced this type of body image a person “should have “.During these decades, the beauty and diet industries are all over magazines, advertisement and all types of social media. These industries are filled with thinness ideals and it makes people feel unsatisfied with their body. Even young girls between the ages 6-8 have stated that they will like to have a good body. It’s disappointing because they are very young and still do not know how to feel and appreciate their body. However, the…show more content…
Having your body a specific way is a “trend” now. You 're either accepted or do not get notice. You are achieving other peoples’ standard by having a ‘perfect body’. Teenagers are looking up to these models and following their every-step move. They’re following their workouts , meals everyday and everything they can think of. Social media outlets should be more responsible about the impact they portray because these images can have a negative impact on girls’ body image, lead to an eating disorder, and can also influence them to get plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is the “go-to” and the first thing teens think of when they want to ‘perfect’ their body. On instagram, there are many models that show off their body. Once a teenage girl sees that, she wants to become it or she feels really insecure about her body. Teens are inspired by the media and get the image they want

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