How Does Telemachus Deserve His Punishment

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Odysseus the king of Ithaca had to punish suitors that were trying to court his wife Penelope. They brought presents and promises of marriage. The suitors dishonored Odysseus. The suitors also planned to kill Odysseus's son Telemachus. Some might say what Odysseus did was unjustified. There are others such as myself who agree with Odysseus' actions. Mostly everyone that was present at the castle deserved the punishment they received because they were ruining Odysseus' life with propaganda and rumors. There were a select few that might not have deserved such a harsh punishment as the rest. Odysseus felt that he had to punish the suitors for their disrespect and disloyalty to his home and his family. The punishment was for all the suitors to be slaughtered. Antinous one of the suitors discussed with a group to …show more content…

For instance there were the servant maids. "I did not see it, I knew nothing; only I heard the groans of men dying. We sat still in the inner rooms holding our breath, and marveling, shut in, until Telemachus came to the door and called meyour own dear son, sent this time by his father!" Once the battle was over the servant maids were ordered to clean up the blood and to get rid of the bodies. Once that was done the servants were taken outside and hung by Telemachus and the herdsmen. Here's where I disagree with Odysseus's. It is not know whether they were forced to do the things they did to disgrace themselves but Odysseus didn't care. In his mind they were disloyal. I feel it was unfair to punish them so brutally without knowing their side. Two men that were saved were Phemias and Medon. Phemias who claims to be a "minstrel who sings for gods and men." They were saved because Telemachus told Odysseus to spare their lives. “They were too strong, too many they forced me to come and sing I had no choice.” Telemachus knew that they were being forced to do the thing they

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