How Does Tim Burton Use Cinematic Techniques

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In Tim Burton films he uses cinematic techniques such as music and sound, lighting, and editing to emphasize the emotion and reaction of and to his movies. These techniques influence and the manipulate the audience's view on the film. In the majority of Tim Burton films, he produces a with underlying gothic themes, Claymation, yet they also contain a fairy-tale style on top of it. Tim Burton definitely has a unique and different style, that is very well recognizable. Using cinematic techniques makes his uniqueness more visible than you can imagine.
Music and sound are one of the many cinematic techniques that Tim Burton uses to convey the emotion of the scene and the characters. Tim Burton uses music and sound in many various ways. For instance …show more content…

Editing can also impact the mood and the notion of a certain prospect. For instance in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" there is a scene where the participants and Wonka enter through the tiny door into the candy valley where everything is edible and editing brand a clear prominence in this scene. The coloring material and readiness of the valley are clearly edited to brand it more appealing to the interview and the protester. In addition to this scene, also in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" when Wonka has a flashback of his childhood the editing conveys to the audience why Wonka formed the chocolate factory and why he is the way he is. Burton also uses editing in " Edward Scissorhands" to show the audience the difference between Edward and the townspeople. This wickedness to bright contrast (clothes, facial features) conveys Edward isolation and how he does not belong in the town to the audience. Another example of Burton using editing to his advantage is in "The Nightmare Before Christmas " when Jack discovers Noel "landed estate ". The town is so colorful and "absolutely fantastic" editing obviously had to be used to show the contrast between each land (Halloween and Christmastime ). The editing portrays Christmas "land" as superintendent bright and well contrasted. This is an effect of extremum improving used by

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