How Does Winston Present The Individual In 1984

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The author george orwell in 1984, Winston's character portrays individuality through his thoughts on the party's views on creating a inhuman society vs his self leadership. This contributed to the leads of his tragic downfall. The theme of society versus individual can can be see in the beginnings of the book when Winston explain his life as a member in the party in London and how there is a figure watching everything he do called big brother. Winston explains how the party controls everything and strive to make rebellion disappear which show the society that Winston is up against. Wilson finally show that he an individual when he choose to break a rule of self thoughts and start a journal which he knows will lead …show more content…

The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power" george orwell, 1984 p.g. 217 chapter 3 show how Winston struggle with society. This part is where O'Brien is pretty much teaching Winston about the three steps learning understanding and acceptance in which he is in the 2nd stage. The book Winston read was written by O'Brien and he pretty much is a rebellious also this is important because it lead to Winston having his own mind set and be able to freely think instead of follow the party rules. But the individual get trick by O'Briens friendship because he has power and is pretty much a spy for the party. Also in the book you can figure that one who has power can control everything so making the society more stronger then he is and can't even do anything to stop them. The party as they are talking about gets power and tries to obtain it because they want it not because they need it. This power the party has is so strong that anyone that tries to stop them will fail. This makes other societies and individual harder to compare to the party's. Which I believe their is no point. Also one quote I read "there is no other reason for power except to maintain power" which means power lead to more power. This is important to the theme because it leads to Winston explaining to Julia that the power they have is wrong and he went to stand above the power of the party. He also thinks that death don't really matter he already know is will come from the start of buying the book but his thoughts will live for

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