How Is Architecture Influenced By The Aztecs?

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The Aztecs way of life was based on their religion. The Aztecs lived from the 1300-1500s. The Aztecs religion was Mesoamerican. Mesoamerican is where the Aztecs held ceremonies according to the patterns in the Aztec calendar, leading them to believe in a connection to the gods by human sacrifice. They believed so much in the gods that the Aztecs feared the gods were capable of ending the world.

The Aztecs centered their lives around their calendars. “Every 52 years, the people were terrified that the world would end. All religious fires were extinguished, people all over the empire would destroy their furniture and precious belongings and go into mourning. When the constellation Pleiades appeared, the people would be assured that they were safe for another 52 years.” This quote proves my thesis statement because Aztec religion revolved around the gods and the calendars they used. The calendars they used represented each God. The Aztec calendar had three wheels within it: there was a 260 day cycle, a 365 day cycle and a 52 year cycle. …show more content…

“The temples in Mesoamerica and in particular with the Aztecs were seen as a way to get closer to the gods. The Aztec people built temples and pyramids in numbers, from the largest temple, the Templo Mayor to the Sun and Moon Pyramids which still stand proud today.” This quote proves my thesis statement because in their religion they are focused on pleasing the gods in everything they do and they built multiple temples to create a stronger relationships with the gods. At the top of most Aztec temples would be a statue representing the god that the temple was built for. This is why there are so many Aztec temples, because each temple represented one god and it is said that the Aztecs believed in multiple

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