Christian Culture Vs Aztec Culture

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one victim needed to battle a group of picked Aztec warriors, who had swords, and knives. (Cartwright 4). The victim was left with one feathered club to attempt to fight these warriors off (Cartwright 4). Usually, these victims were killed instantly (Cartwright 4). The last method that these sacrifices were done in was, lighting a fire and throwing the victim multiple times in the fire and ripping out their heart (Cartwright 4). The flesh was usually feasted on by the priests (Cartwright 4). This signified the honoring of the victims who died for their gods (Cartwright 4). If you refused to sacrifice your body to honor the gods, it reveals the lack of respect that you have for them (Cartwright 4). Also, it is proven that the sacrifice determines …show more content…

Their belief is, it took multiple gods to create the various characteristics of the world (Odijk 1,2,3). Also, they celebrated over 90 festivals for these gods (Odijk 2). Usually, most of the Aztecs were forced to believe in multiple gods, and they didn't have a choice to believe in another religion (Odijk 1). However, holidays and festivals where only celebrated for the most well known gods (Ancient Aztec Festivals, Celebrations and Holidays 1). The most well known festival was the rain festival which was celebrated 3 times a year (Odijk 1). This festival honored the god of rain and lighting Tlaloc ("Ancient Aztec Festivals, Celebrations and Holidays 1). The first time in the year in which this festival was celebrated was in February, when priests held out many rituals encouraging the rain fall (Odijk 1). The second rain festival was celebrated in March (Ancient Aztec Festivals, Celebrations and Holidays 1). It was mostly a festival to honor the god Tllaloc, but it also honors the flowers blooming, which signifies the creating of a new world (Odijk 1). The last rain festival was celebrated in autumn (Odijk 2). Also, people made little statues of Tlaloc on top of a mountain because, it was taught that he lived on a high mountain (Ancient Aztec Festivals, Celebrations and Holidays 1). In conclusion, the general belief in more than one God is quite a contrast to what the Christian culture

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