Tenochtitlan Empire: The Heart Of The Aztec Empire

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The Aztecs began as a northern tribe whose name came from a valley known as Aztlan, which was the name of their homeland. They appeared in Mesoamerica, today known as the south central region of Mexico, in the 13th century. There, the Aztecs built their proud city, Tenochtitlan. It was the heart of the Aztec civilization. The Aztec emperor didn’t rule every city state. Local governments remained but they were required to pay varying amounts to the city of Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, and Tlacopa. This empire is called a hegemonic or informal empire (Moreno-Aguilar, 2013). The Aztecs ruled through a local government, this ensured the locals would keep the people happy. This system worked very well for the people, but the empire would eventually be …show more content…

Maize or corn was the staple of the Aztec Empire and it likely came into common use in Mexico (Moreno-Aguilar, 2013). Corn was used for numerous things, ground into flour, used for tortillas, tamales and even some drinks. Corn is used today in so many things that is really has changed the world all around. As the Aztec empire would grow they needed more and more land to produce the maize and also beans and squash. To do this they would have to conquer more land. It became very selfish of the empire and it’s another reason why the Neolithic revolution had such a negative impact on the world. They would conquer the land and the people in it then begin farming on this land once used by others. As they did this, the empire …show more content…

In the Aztec empire, some jobs were taught as the children grew up because of a special desire or because it was a family business already and they were born into it. Some of the jobs were gender specific. Men would learn a trade or become a warrior. The main trade for men was farming, others would also train to become priests, craftsmen or merchants. Merchants were looked at as a highly exclusive class. The job of a merchant was very important, they would acquire goods that the Aztecs needed or demanded and sell them in the markets. They even had their own area in the city of which they lived. The Aztec empire thought well of these individuals (Legends and Chronicles, 2016). Women in the Aztec empire were supposed to take care of the household. They would weave clothes for their family or to sell while the younger girls would look after the children. There were many jobs and opportunities for the Aztecs and in a lot of ways they were just like every other civilization. One of the things that differentiated them was the human sacrifices that would go

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