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Beowulf The Epic Hero What defines an epic hero? Beowulf is anything but a normal human being, he poses extremely large amount of strength and great leadership techniques. When Beowulf set his mind on a task in battle he never gave in to evil. It all began as a quest to defeat Grendel. Beowulf also possesses superhuman strength and is the smartest of any warrior. While performing these great deeds he proves himself a great and valuable warrior. A real warrior would risk his life before allowing someone else risk there's. These are all reasons Beowulf would be considered a great and valiant warrior. For someone to be able to rip an arm off of their enemy in an instant must possess enormous strength. Beowulf throughout the story has proved himself to everyone that he is special. Not only is he strong, but the wisest of all the warriors in his time. In the Battle with Grendel's mother; Beowulf fights her underwater in her own domain. At no point in the story did Beowulf seize to impress. Lastly in the battle with the dragon Beowulf fought it. Despite his old age he battled the beast for his people and a true warrior would rather die …show more content…

Prior to ever killing Grendal the Danish king, Hrothgar, knew of Beowulf’s father and therefore expected much out of him. Legends of Beowulf could range but he did speak of himself battling sea monsters, several of them all killed by Beowulf. After defeating Grendel Beowulf could have easily left, but instead he stayed to finish the job he had come for. He fought Grendel's mother till bitter death than afterwards took Grendel's head as a trophy to the king of the Danes, Hrothgar. In his later years Beowulf became king after his father before him and his kingdom was under siege by a Dragon, instead of telling his men to slay the beast he fought it himself. A true hero can be defined by his or her actions just as Beowulf

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