How Is Ethan Westbrooks Unconstitutional

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Defensive linemen Ethan Westbrooks was arrested after a highway patrol officer found a stolen gun in his vehicle. He was speeding in interstate 5 near Bakersfield California when a highway patrol officer stopped him and asked for his license and registration. Westbrook was searching for his registration and the officer spotted an illegal gun in the glove department. He was arrested on Friday on suspicion of possessing a loaded firearm, possessing a stolen firearm and possessing a high-capacity magazine. The gun was reported stolen back in 2009 in Sacramento, California with a clip that holds 13 rounds.
ETHICAL/PROFESSIONAL ISSUES: Ethan Westbrooks an NFL player illegally obtained a weapon in California. He disregarded the safety and welfare …show more content…

He is getting paid a ton of money to play football and disregarded that safety of others. By obtaining an illegal weapon he is giving the black market a good reputation and inviting others to purchase their guns on the black market. Law enforcement cannot track the weapon back to the individual who will use it. In this day in age we have many illegal weapons out on the streets killing innocent people and it may be a sign that Westbrooks had an ill intent to commit a crime or was holding it for a friend which is morally wrong. The NFL should give him a year suspension and to join some sort of programs about illegal weapons and victim services. Westbrook is a huge and strong individual who can fend for himself. I am astonished that players like Westbrooks obtain a firearm when they are no danger. Also, he makes a ton of money he could have bought a weapon legally and not have to deal with the consequences of obtaining an illegal weapon. Many kids idolize NFL players and is putting a bad image on the Rams and the NFL organization. Renegotiating Westbrook salary would deter him from committing illegal acts. Many of his teammates must deal with the drama of playing with a criminal who holds onto illegal weapons and may feel unsafe in their work

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