How Is Julius Caesar Similar To The Roman Empire

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When comparing the Roman Republic to the Roman empire they are very different, but also share a few common grounds. The Roman Republic was formed in 509 BC. Once it began to expand it began the most powerful nation in the world (Admin ). However, once the senators, representatives, and congressman started to become more powerful, things started to become very chaotic. Therefore, 500 years later the Roman Empire had been created. Like most, I'm sure everyone has heard of Julius Caesar. Well he had become of the Governor of Gaul during the Roman Empire (Admin). Caesar had become very powerful and wealthy so quickly during his time because the amount of ambitions and other qualities; however, others were very intimidated by him causing others to start trouble. Two years after Caesar had been killed …show more content…

For example, one of the main differences is that the Roman Republic was ran by people and the Roman Empire was ran by an emperor (Admin). Therefore, there governments were ran very differently as well. Another difference between the two is the Roman Republic was not capable of handling the amount territories while the Roman Empire could ( Admin). Basically, each time period had a variety of differences based on what each period thought was better. However, not only did they have differences but they had similarities to. A couple of their similarities was that there both were the capital of Rome, they worshiped Roman Gods, they exported wine and marble, and they both spoke Latin (Admin). Now most of these similarities that they share are more of your common daily life procedures. However, these two periods happen to be very common and different at the very same time, it is just a matter on whether or not which angle you are looking at. Whether it from government point of view, a law point of you, or just you daily religious

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