How Is Orwell Relevant Today

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I agree with the Postman’s assertion that Huxley’s prophecy is more relevant in today’s society than Orwell’s. Both of the prophecies are similar in the predicting that oppression will play a role in ruining us. However, the two authors have different views of it. Orwell’s idea is that we will be imposed on by an overwhelming power that will control us. He feared they would ban books and deprive us of the information of the world not allowing us to learn the truth, we would be kept in the dark. They are controlled by inflicting pain. They will be deprived of their independence, freedom, maturity, and history. In the end what we hate will ruin us. Huxley believes that again we will be controlled by an authority in a burdensome manner, but the people will grow …show more content…

Huxley backs up his idea in saying that people will have technologies and love them and they undo their capacities to think. His oppositions to Orwell is he feared instead of books being banned that people will no longer need books and there would be no reason to ban them at all. On the other hand with information he thinks they would provide us with so much excess information we would not care and only care about our own interests. Along with that the truth would no longer matter. They will be controlled by inflicting pleasure. I see Huxley’s view more relevant today because I can already see some parts happening. First off our technologies that are undoing our capacities to think. Nowadays people rely on their smart phones, computers, tablets, etc. for almost everything. For

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