How Successful Were Slaves In The 1800s

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Can you imagine a human-being, owned and treated inhumanly? Well back in 1619 African Americans were bought and sold like toys. These “owned” African Americans were slaves. Slaves were used to work for their owners needs and wants. They were most often treated like property. Most owners would do whatever they wanted to their slaves, causing the slaves to rebel and runaway. Filled with fear, endless hours of labor, ill-treatment, cruelty, and unfairness this cycle never really ended for a slave. Slaves were used as property, whose labor would only benefit their master’s profit. Instead, of houses and rest hours a slave’s day consisted of their work, then their own personal chores,and finally sleep. A slave’s life consisted of the unfair treatments from owners. Fear controlled most slaves which kept them from breaking out in riots or running away. Unless a slave had a good owner to give them better…show more content…
If a slave worked on a plantation they would have their own little quarters, or cabins, in which they lived. These quarters mainly consisted of a blanket, for their bed, or sometimes ,if the owners were nice, a tiny wooden bed. Women and children slaves usually worked in the houses of their owners, or the field themselves. If slaves worked on a field, it meant working from sunup to sundown for six days a week. As a result of the slaves working different jobs, there was a sort of class system between slaves. If a slave worked in the owners house they would normally get better food, be treated better, and sometimes gain better living quarters. These slaves are called domestic slaves and are considered to be “higher” up on the class system. Even though a slave could have a good owner, they might have to face bad living conditions if their owner was unsuccessful. Every slave's life depended on whether their master was poor, nice, successful, fair, and the jobs they gave

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