How The Cold War Affected Society

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There have been many events throughout history that affected society. Ever since the beginning of time there has always been some type of conflict or war. However the first major war that truly affected the world was World War 1. Shortly after, World War 2 nearly tore the world apart. After World War 2, there was a state of military and political unrest between the countries involved. This time of unrest was later called the Cold War. During the Cold War, the world had to endure many major events that really affected the world. Two of these major events were the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Berlin Wall. The Cuban Missile Crisis and the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall allowed the world to become more peaceful. The Cuban Missile Crisis occurred during mid-October of 1962 to November 20, 1962. It all began when the leader of the Soviet Union, Khrushchev, believed he could try and intimidate…show more content…
The fall of the Berlin Wall “marked the breakdown of the Soviet-type socialism, and the end of the East-West conflict.”15 The fall of the Berlin Wall also symbolized the end of the Cold War, and was a beginning to Europe’s new role in international politics.16 The destruction of the wall was televised for all of Germany to see, and was the beginning of the Germany we now know. These two events during the Cold War really affected the world, and taught the world many lessons. The Cuban Missile Crisis taught the world the countries can peacefully negotiate and avoid war when both parties truly want peace. Meanwhile the fall of the Berlin Wall showed that no matter what happened in the past, countries and nations can always rejoin under peaceful terms to better both parties. As a growing society, we needed to go through the Cold War, specifically these two events, too really grow and understand how other nations think and to greatly lower the control the Soviet Union had in Asia and
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