How To Reduce Juvenile Violence

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The Juvenile justice program would be a great place start kids are mislead everyday, the youth is the key to the community kids look up to the peers determine learn life an how the choices they make can determine their future. The juvenile program is a jail for trouble kids, but are these kids really troubled. First of all, jail or being caged up at an early age can change a child for the better or send them on a path of destruction. Juvenile is supposed to be rehabilitation for children. But some kids just dont have loving families or are in a trouble household. So with volunteering it 's our job to get an insight on their life or what these kids are thinking. Youth of today an our community, aiming toward kids early could help out alot with the community. KIds of today are so wrapped up in violence an t.v. that they forget about the trouble path there going down and the effect it has on the community. With volunteering with the community we can prevent kids from going to Juvenile early. The community has to come together as one to show kids that we’re here for you. “United We Stand Divided We Fall” an as one we will overcome the violence in the streets. …show more content…

But we have to start with the kids we see horse playing the kids we see not paying attention or always clowning around. Reach out to them first so they won 't end up in the juvenile justice program for punishment. So we aim at them get them to come together clean up the community to show volunteering with free pay isn 't so bad. Its comes with structure an

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