How To Replace The Highlight Of Workers In The Jungle By Upton Sinclair

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In the early 1900s, there were so many unbearable conditions that needed to be reformed such as factory injuries, overcrowded cities , starvation, wages and so on. Millions of immigrants came to the United States looking for a better life. The working conditions were inhumane and brutal since there were too many labors and those big businesses’ owners were looking for a way to minimize the input and maximize the profit. The meat packing industry was exposed to the public when Upton Sinclair published his book “The Jungle”. This industry was unsanitary and hazardous to workers and consumers.
The workers were abused and exploit until accidents happened to them or they could not bear, therefore, quit but quitting jobs were rare because many competitions …show more content…

They worked so hard in those factories and received very low wages, not to mention that children and women were even cheaper labor. Long hours of work in dangerous environment made it difficult for their bodies to remain healthy and energetic. “The Jungle” stated, “And yet, in spite of this, there would be hams found spoiled, some of them with an odor so bad that a man could hardly bear to be in the room with them.”( The Jungle, Sinclair). This demonstrates that workers spent their days working in the bad environment with strong odor of spoiled meat that it was hardly to breathe. In addition, the floor and the factories were unregulated and sanitized so the place were a source of bacteria and diseases. Workers came to work inhaling different odors and dust and gradually damage their health. “A machine consisting of a hollow needle attached to a pump; by plunging this needle into the meat and working with his foot, a man could fill a ham with pickle in a few seconds.” This shows how dangerous it was for workers to get themselves injured working …show more content…

Unfortunately, washing their hands before and after work with clean water were a very unusual thing to do. Thus, all the dirt, germ and sweat on their hands that they produced during the day would follow the meat packing process and became products for consumption. Unexpectedly, they would can or make sausage with any type of meat that that was spoiled. The author declared in the book, “Jonas had told them how the meat that was taken out of pickle would often be found sour, and how they would rub it up with soda to take away the to any sort of meat, fresh or salted, whole or chopped, any color and any flavor and any odor they chose.” (The Jungle, Sinclair). The statement implies that the meat that had gone bad was also used that they would clean the odor away with their chemical process. After they had cleaned out the meat, they again use their chemical magic to add flavor and color that would make the meat looking nice and fresh. If the meat failed those previous process, meat would be sent to the department of Elzbieta where the flyers cut it up into tiny species and mixed with other meat. “There would be meat that had tumbled out on the floor, in the dirt and sawdust, where the workers had tramped and spit uncounted billions of consumption germs.” This pictures an image of meat laying all around the unsanitized floor where the workers

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