How To Train Your Dragon Analysis

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The DreamWorks animated film, How to Train Your Dragon is a movie about friendship and acceptance. Hiccup the main character, is a scrawny Viking, who isn’t looked at like the other Vikings are. He doesn’t want to harm or kill dragons like his father has done. The tagline for this movie is “One Adventure Will Change Two Worlds”. The main conflict in this movie is that the dragons are taking all of the village’s livestock, and we later find out that they were using the livestock to feed a huge dragon. A minor conflict was between Hiccup and his father, because his father wanted him to follow in his footsteps, but had little to no faith in him. How to Train Your Dragon was created in 2010, the director is a man named Dean DeBlois. The main actors …show more content…

The frames have a common theme of hesitation and despair, the idea of these frames is to show that Hiccup doesn’t want to let his village and his father down, but at the same time, doesn’t want to kill something. He can’t bring himself to hurt him. This movie made me rethink the techniques of changing from scene to scene, now every time I watch a movie I name the clips. Hiccup caused Toothless to lose a part of his tail and Toothless caused Hiccup to lose his leg, this part came back full circle. Hiccup proved to his father and his friends that you don’t have to be strong to make something incredible happen. He solved a huge problem for the village of Berk. People stared trusting dragons, and learning to befriend them. He didn’t give up and tried his best to come up with a solution. In the end, it was the loser of the village that brought everyone together and made it so they don’t have to kill anymore. Friendship is of vital importance to survival, if you didn’t have anyone to talk to or to relate to then you would go insane. Loneliness isn’t something that you should want to live with, Hiccup had no friends at first, until he caught a dragon. Astrid never would have overlooked him if she hadn’t followed

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