How To Write An Essay On The Running Dream

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Jessica Carlisle, the main character in Wendelin Van Draanen’s book the running dream, loses her leg in a fatal bus accident. Jessica was a league runner for her high school called liberty high, But now she has no hope of running again. She does get a prosthetic leg, but she still can not run. When her track coach shows her videos of world runners with prosthetic legs, Jessica has some hope of running again, Jessica changes from a hopeless girl to a confident runner. She realizes that can hold her back are the limitations she will put on herself. In the beginning of the story, Jessica was a hopeless girl. One example that proves this can be found when Jessica is in the hospital and dictates ”I will never run again” This tells that Jessica has no self-determination towards running again. One more example that can support this can be found later in the story could be when Jessica goes back home from the hospital, she can 't do the things that she usually could before One of These is that she can 't drive her car or even hang out with her friend. Later on in the story there is further evidence of Jessica being a hopeless girl. A little after she gets to know about the running leg and the bills she has no hope of being a league runner …show more content…

An example of this can be seen when Jessica gets her running leg. This makes her have more hope for running again, and she becomes way more confident. But the change really happens when Jessica actually uses the running leg. She starts running every single day. This is constantly making her more confident than she ever was. She also takes training sessions with her track coach, Kyro. Now Jessica really has more confidence towards running. One last example would be, when Jessica runs Rosa. This took Jessica weeks of practice but, Jessica had the confidence and courage to do this almost impossible task. This showed a

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