How World War One Affected Technology

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World war one affected technology through a couple of things, the most important being weapons. Weapons played a huge role during the war, and in deciding which side would win. World war one affected technology in a few different ways. One of them being guns. They were much bigger than what they were used to, such as a machine gun. Since this new weapon could shoot very rapidly (600 rounds per minute) one of the sides fighting in the war could easily wipe out a whole line of an army in one shot. This gave the side with the new technology a huge advantage in winning, this most likely determined which of the sides would win the war. Which meant that soldiers could no longer stand in a line and shoot at each other. Another new technology that was being used every day during the war was poison gas. The gas could either be shot out of a gun or dropped out of a plane.It would be used mostly when there was no fighting going on. If the soldiers failed to put on their masks, the soldiers who breathed in the gas could easily die in an instant or become very ill and eventually die. People may have died fast because the gas contained Chlorine and Phosgene and (Mustard …show more content…

Airplanes played a major role during the war. In the beginning, when planes were just starting to be used, The soldiers would use them to spy on their enemy and see what they were doing and if they were starting to make a move on towards other side. Since These planes did not have radios they had to use colored weighted bags or a message inside a bag with weight to be dropped down. Once the other side realized that they were using planes to spy on them, They as well did the same,and eventually both sides were spying each other. Both sides realized that when they are up in the air, they could attack. They would drop down a bomb, grenades, and even start to shoot at the enemy. Once this occurred, the planes started to shoot at each

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