Howard Thurman Reflection

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Reflection” In my reading of this assignment Morehouse College was established from a Baptist Church in the early 1800-1900’s. If understanding correctly, it came about for freed black men that had been degraded all their lives. Lacking education, also being stereotyped the black man really didn’t have much but their spiritual life that was done in secret. Seeing others before them go through this, I wondered how one could stand in that era? Looking back at my own life during the late 1900’s, it took a strong foundation, determination, and character to realize black people can accomplish anything in life. I take my hat off to those that paved the way for us such as, Bill James, John Hope, Samuel Archer, and Howard Thurman just to name a few. These pioneers fought hard for us in religion, education and the community; their work reached all…show more content…
Sometime we don’t understand why at the time but, as life unfolds we see the full picture and understand by and by. I think Howard Thurman knew there was a strong call on his life that he could not escape. The more he learned, the more he wanted to learn. It was important to him to make a difference in the way African Americans saw academics, spiritual disciplines and social ethics. The more I read, it was evident the influence Morehouse had on Thurman to strive for perfection in all areas of his life. And yet, to me, he was never selfish, not only wanting black men to learn but white’s as well. Consequently, Howard Thurman reached his goals; his dreams became reality. Everything he struggled for all those years produced a harvest. He leaves a legacy for any race, creed or color, any man or woman of any age. If we develop a cultivated will, with spiritual discipline, the flame of freedom in anything we want to accomplish will never perish
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