Hrothgar's Heroic Code In Beowulf

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One of the main components of the heroic code in Beowulf is family. Whenever we are introduced to a new character we are told that this character is the related to another character in the novel. “His father before him was called Ecgtheow…This man is their son, here to follow up an old friendship.”(373-375) This forces an identity onto the new character based on the reputation of his relative. In Beowulf’s case Hrothgar knew and respected his father, which cast a positive light on Beowulf. I think that this greatly influences how the new character acts. The character is either trying to live up to the legacy that his relatives left, pay debts that they have left behind, or trying to change the way that the character is looked upon. At the …show more content…

Beowulf is the clear protagonist of the novel and an example of a “perfect” warrior from the middle ages. He has all the ideal traits that make him so distinguished and respected. An example of his loyalty was going to meat Hrothgar to fight the Grendel. He was not forced to do this but his father had an obligation to the king so Beowulf carried that forward. An example of honor is when he chooses t fight Grendel with no armor. “unarmed he shall face me, if face me he dares.” (685-685). This proves to the reader and to Beowulf’s men that he is a truly honorable warrior. He has gone above and beyond to make the fight equitable and make sure that he is at no advantage. The last trait that Beowulf shows is bravery. “Now help depends again on you and you alone. The gap of danger where the demon waits is still unknown to you. Seek it if you dare.” ( 1376-1379) No other person would go to the home of Grendel’s mother but Beowulf is no ordinary warrior. If there is a challenge, Beowulf will meet it no matter how life threatening it could be. He was leaving makeshift will before he went to go fight the Grendel’s mother. This proves to us that he is not naïve. Beowulf knows that he could potentially die in the battle. This is what makes him so

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