Huck Finn Quotes About Freedom

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The first way mark twain shows freedom is different for each person is through Jim. Throughout the book Jim is on a search for his freedom. He has been a Slave his whole life and has finally had this chance to gain his freedom. When Huck and Jim are getting close to Cairo huck shows his enthusiasm by saying “We’s safe, Huck, we’s safe! Jump up and crack yo’ heels! Dat’s de good ole Cairo at las’, I jis knows it!” (88) Jim knows he is close to being in a state that will allow him to be free from the chains of slavery. He shows this excitement as they approach their destination. Around the same time Jim tells huck about his ideas for when he is free. Huck said Jim was telling him “he would go to saving up money...and when he got enough he would buy his wife...they would both work to buy the two children”. (88) this quote shows how Jim imagines his freedom happening. Freedom for Jim means he will have his whole family out of slavery. He will be free from the chains that keep him from living his life and the social standards that keep him from being a human. …show more content…

Huck has lived on his own basically his whole life. Then the widow decides she wanted to “sivilize” him. He can 't always stand to be cooped up in a house. Huck says “it was rough living in a house all the when I couldn 't stand it no longer I lit out…and was free and satisfied.” (1) Huck’s idea of freedom isn 't being civilized but being out having adventures in his rags and not having a care in the world. He enjoys being in nature. It 's the place where he feels the most free. Like when he has just escaped the feud and is back on the raft with Jim and he states “You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft.” (116) Huck says he is mcomfortabke and free on a raft. When he has just escaped living with “sivilized” people who are in a nasty feud. It makes him feel free to be living his own

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