Human Nature In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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‘’The savage in man is never quite eradicated’’ said the well-known philosopher, journalist and poet Henry David Thoreau. William Golding created Lord of the Flies, which is a magnificent novel that blends the civilized and primitive manners of humankind sufficiently. Golding witnessed the major chaos on world in 1940s and 1950s which he was inspired while the huge conflict between savagery and civilization was going on. By writing Lord of the Flies, Golding originated and used the actions and dialogues of Piggy, Ralph and Roger to prove that human nature has two sides: both a need to be civilised and a need to be primitive at the same time. First of all, Piggy has a high opinion of law, rules and order even if he sometimes exposes his primal instincts in the meantime, so that he expresses human nature with both sides. For instance, Piggy ‘’caressed the shell respectfully’’, which symbolizes the democracy and the freedom of expression that still remain, and are protected by Piggy himself who is the only, dedicated representative of the superego, social aspects of the humankind, on the deserted island (37). This quote proves that he has a predetermined loyalty towards the conch which stands for civilization, although the surrogate for order causes his death after Jack and the hunters attempts to bring the systematic conduct on the island to an end. Conjointly, law and order are the only chances in behalf of getting along peacefully until the salvage from his captivity

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