Humanism During The Renaissance

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Why is humanism such a big factor in past and present society? Humanism is an outlook of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. For the Renaissance, humanism was a big cultural movement that brought thought of Greek and Roman thoughts. Humanism was expressed in the Renaissance through the works of art, music, and literature.

Music was a big factor in the renaissance because there was a lot of church music that was involved. A Medieval composer would like to contrast the separate strands of his music, but as for a Renaissance composer, he aimed to blend them together. The style differences between the two continue for example, a renaissance compose would work gradually through the piece, attending to all parts simultaneously. Until the beginning of the 16th Century, instruments were considered to be less important than voices. Many composers thought about writing music for an instrument would be a good change, so the lute and racket got their attention fast. This type of music was based on modes and had richer texture in four or more parts. This embodies humanism because music was a lifestyle for some people because of religious matters. …show more content…

One of the greatest points for artists and writers during the English Renaissance was the present need to somehow make a living out of their craft. The freedom to pursue one’s craft to the full extent would certainly have been a blessing in sixteenth century England. Humanism is embodied through literature by artist putting emphasis in their plays and poems about their religious beliefs. Many artist would be starving, trying to fulfill the hunger to have their name out in the world because of their art

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