Hunter Jordan Character Analysis

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Ruth and James both deal with the grief and death of Hunter Jordan in very different ways. Both characters are changed. James took the death of his father figure very roughly. For instance, James states that “I virtually dropped out of high school after he died, failing every class.” (McBride chapter 2). He explains before how he was close to his stepfather and even considered him to be his real father. Not only did he refrain from keeping his grades up and doing good in school, but he deliberately started doing wrong. For example, “I snatched purses. I shoplifted. I even robbed a petty drug dealer once.” (McBride chapter 2). Another way that exemplifies how James was affected by Hunter Jordan’s death was finally by picking up smoking. He explains what he would do rather than attending his classes and school as he was supposed to such as “Superfly, Shaft, and reefer, which we smoked in as much quantity as possible.” (McBride chapter 2).…show more content…
In explanation, Ruth began to keep to herself more. For example, “She would ride in slow motion across our street,” (McBride chapter 2). This is where James starts to notice how weird his mother is in comparison to everyone else in his community, including himself. “ motorists gawked at the strange, middle-aged white lady riding her ancient bicycle.” (McBride chapter 2). He also explains how he’s seen her go through some good men. He finishes his statement by explaining how “It was clear that Mommy was no longer interested in getting married again” (McBride chapter 2). She saw so many good men leave her life that she was tired of losing another, therefore she depended on herself to raise her 12
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