Hushpuppy Character Analysis

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- Hushpuppy and her father Wink live in Bathtub, a place that is separated from the city by a levee. The uniqueness of Bathtub allows Hushpuppy to have a special childhood and develop qualities allowing her to become a hero in the future. - Bathtub is a place that has more holidays and fun than a normal, urban city. Living in such a joyous place allows Hushpuppy to be an optimistic person who never bends down while facing difficulties. Hushpuppy also develops a strong bond with Bathtub, driving her to not abandon the place even after the thunderstorm. - Hushpuppy’s father is the leading figure in Bathtub, and he has been teaching her leadership qualities since she was small. Her father’s action both mentally and physically prepares Hushpuppy to become a leader, or a hero, when the time comes. -…show more content…
- Hushpuppy grows up without her mother aside. The absence of her mother and the illness of her father stimulate her willingness to protect her family and others around her, a crucial quality of a hero. - Wink’s antipathy to factories and cities shapes Hushpuppy as a girl who favors freedom and nature rather than developed cities. This unique and uncommon characteristic of hers will later drive Hushpuppy to do things that ordinary people don’t understand. For example, Hushpuppy believes that all living things speak a language, and she tries to understand them by putting them next to her ear and listening to them. - Hushpuppy lives in a place that is in danger of being submerged due to global warming and the melting of icebergs. Also, Miss Bathsheba, teacher of Hushpuppy, tells story about the release of creatures called Aurochs from the melting icebergs. The prospective danger faced by Bathtub people stimulates Hushpuppy to develop heroic qualities to save her

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