Hysteria In Crucible

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Hysteria is an overwhelming feeling that corrupts the human mind because a person’s actions begin to affect other people’s decisions. It prevents people from being able to make their own decisions because their minds are being manipulated to follow other people’s actions in order to fit in. These characteristics of hysteria can be used as an advantage because it can be used to take advantage of people who are feeling hysteric or for example, afraid. People can use other’s fears and manipulate what they are afraid of to convince them to act a certain way that would benefit the manipulator. Therefore, hysteria is abused by people because it can be used to control an audience into believing anything a person wants. For example, when shocking …show more content…

This can bee seen through Danforth's actions when John in confessing to working with the devil. He tries his best to prevent himself from becoming egregious in Salem and in court due to his decisions to hang innocent people without solid proof. In this scene Danforth states “And you bound yourself to his service? Danforth turns, as Rebecca Nurse enters, with Herrick helping to support her. She is barely able to walk. Come in, come in, woman! Rebecca, brightening as she sees Proctor: Ah, John! You are well, then, eh? Proctor turns his face to the wall. Danforth: Courage, man, courage - let her witness your good example that she may come to God herself. Now hear it, Goody Nurse! Say on, Mr, Proctor. Did you bind yourself to the Devil's service?” Danforth is trying to use Proctor’s confession to manipulate Rebecca into confessing as well which will save his reputation in Salem and prevent him from being forced to hang both John and Rebecca which will lead to the people of Salem starting a riot. Danforth was hoping Proctor’s actions will affect Rebecca’s actions because they are placed in the same situation and they understand what one another feels. Through hysteria one’s actions can affect the other’s if they are feeling the same way. Therefore, Danforth was relying on hysteria to assure both Proctor and Rebecca confess so that he can keep his reputation clean while Rebecca and Proctor’s reputations are ruined in

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