'Hysteria In The Crucible' By Arthur Miller

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The author, Arthur Miller, wrote “The Crucible” that tells us the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials. The society in Salem in 1692 was full of McCarthyism and fear because they thought their other citizens are doing witchcraft. Miller tells us that ignorance and fear combined can destroy a town’s social well-being.
On the play, “The Crucible”, the citizens of Salem’s reacted with fear when they hear that someone has a sign of being a witch. For example, when someone coughs, society thought he/she’s a witch. They will either fear, stay away from, or accuse the person they thought is a witch. If the person confesses that they’re a witch, they will get the help they need to be back to their normal self.
The article, “A real Epidemic Ebola Hysteria”,

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